Merkatotera- Explore a diverse selection of pasta, macaroni, and rice at Merkatotera. Discover top-quality brands, choose from a variety of sizes, and elevate your culinary creations.

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Rice | ሩዝ

Br 85.00Kilo
Experience the essence of nourishment with our premium rice collection at Merkatotera. Our rice is cultivated with care and expertise, delivering grains that are fluffy, aromatic, and full of flavor.

Prima – Pasta

Br 85.00Pieces
Prima Pasta: Perfectly Crafted for Delightful Meals. Enjoy the finest quality with Prima Pasta. Our carefully crafted pasta is made from premium durum wheat, ensuring a firm texture and exceptional taste.

Prima – Macaroni

Br 85.00Pieces
Prima Macaroni: Pure Pasta Pleasure Savor the deliciousness of Prima Macaroni. With its tender texture and rich flavor, our macaroni is the perfect choice!

Macaroni (/Kilo)

Br 85.00Kilogram
Macaroni: Perfectly Al dente Indulge in the classic charm of macaroni with our premium selection. Made from the finest durum wheat, our macaroni offers a delightful al dente texture that pairs perfectly with your favorite sauces and ingredients.